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Our Commitment

We work very hard and are proud yet remain humbled, to maintain our reputation of excellence, commitment, and passion with our clients and guests, which stands as a testimony of our dedication and focus on providing the most professional, efficient, and hospitable property management services in the St. George area. In doing so, we have established ourselves as the top sought local business for vacation property management services.

Meet Our Team

Each member of our team has their own unique skillset and talent which when combined or working with the other departments that make Red Sands Vacation Properties operationally successful, the dynamic is what sets us apart from the rest! It takes a group of highly dedicated individuals to work, think and act like a team who work together with a common goal and interest, which is overall satisfaction. You will witness firsthand, how hard our team of dedicated team members from our office operations to the warehouse department will work, to ensure your satisfaction is met or exceeded. At Red Sands, your needs and expectations are our top priority, so we will do everything possible to ensure you get the most value and quality from your vacation rental.

Vacation Property Care & Service Commitment

Your property is important, and we care for it with the attention to detail it deserves. We have in operation, a variety of inspections in place that are designed to build or enhance a trained eye for quality and a ready-for-you, welcome home experience, as soon as you walk in the door. Our Maintenance team is equipped to actively ensure the property is cared for and maintained with the utmost standards of quality and presentation Red Sands commits to.

This Property Made

$120,531 in 2020

6 BEDS  |  8 BATHS  |  25 GUESTS

This Property Made

$57,739 in 2020

6 BEDS  |  4 BATHS  |  10 GUESTS

This Property Made

$45,772 in 2020

5 BEDS  |  5 BATHS  |  22 GUESTS

Why We Are the Best Full-Service and High-Quality Property Management Team

Red Sands Vacation Properties confidently provides the best full-service, high-quality property management service from the Gateway to Zion to the Southside of the Virgin River and now Park City! Our growth continues and is truly a reflection of how and why Red Sands Vacation Properties strives to work hard and please our guests and clients.  Our team of managers, sales and marketing team, reservationists, owner services teams, cleaning teams, inspectors, maintenance staff, and warehouse personnel all play a vital role in ensuring needs are met and our quality is where it is to be for the most optimum owner and guest experiences.  Our team members are mostly available outside of normal business hours as well, to assist when necessary. We are here for our guests and clients alike, going above and beyond when necessary. We understand and value what it takes to operate such a successful vacation property business and for our clients, we remain dedicated to maximizing the return on your investment while maintaining your home to the highest standards.  For our guests, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and providing you with a fantastic home away from home experience.

Our Aspiration to Be the Best Vacation Rental Company in Southern Utah

Red Sands Vacation Properties was founded in 2014 and has since, become the largest vacation property management company in Southern Utah.

Within our first year as Red Sands Vacation Properties, we were one of the fastest-growing Vacation Rental agencies around! With each of us providing our field expertise, knowledge, and skills, we put forth every effort to withstand all the odds, even after being told we would never make it. That drove us to excel even harder! Starting out with only a team of three, we have more than tripled our team.  In April 2019, Red Sands Vacation Properties became Red Sands Management, LLC, and today, together, we continue to grow and succeed. Providing clean, high-quality homes and providing top-quality customer service is what keeps us who we are and what we have aspired to be.  Because of the trust and loyalty of our guests and clients, we remain humbled and appreciative of the opportunity to show you we work hard for you, and you are working with the best!

We’ve separated ourselves from the competition by investing money back into both the guest and homeowner experience. Many of the services and features we offer are unique to Red Sands and are not found or are challenging to find anywhere else in the industry. With this focus, we have transformed the rental property landscape in Southern Utah by strategically applying methods and best practices that will benefit our guests and clients, both experientially and financially.

From the care, upkeep, and maintenance of the properties to our inspections where you are left with a complimentary welcome basket, we strive to exceed the status quo and find new opportunities to innovate how we provide service and value for our guests and our property owners.

#1 Quality Customer Service Is What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

Red Sands proudly trusts and openly appreciates its team of highly talented and skilled individuals who when combined to work together, complete the puzzle that illustrates what Red Sands is truly about.   Our people are truly here for you and together, they ensure our clients and guests are satisfied and return to Red Sands Vacation Properties each time they visit Southern Utah.  Aside from our top-quality customer service, what makes us stand out and set apart from the rest, is our team of managers who equip and motivate their teams, ensuring their team members perform with their best efforts to ensure that the best and most positive experiences await our clients and guests.  From the application of our dedicated teams, it is then experienced and witnessed by our guests during their stay.  This full-circle closes back to our clients and ultimately Red Sands Vacation Properties with its unique team of purpose-driven, goal-oriented and hardworking team members. Our team of Associates takes pride in their work and shares the vision of the Company, and they are the heartbeat of our operation. The environment to be expected is that we encourage and enable strong personal and professional development and growth for our Associates and as a team, aspire to excel in the positive reputation and continued success of the Company.

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